Leslie smiling with trees

Dear friends,

After nearly 30 years of residing in southeast Michigan, my family and I settled in Lodi Township five years ago, drawn by the allure of the trees and the promise of a tranquil retreat close to quality food, community, and downtown Ann Arbor.

Our vision was to blend seamlessly with nature, and the trees led us to our current abode—a few enchanting wooded acres on the outskirts of the city in Lodi Township. However, as time passed, we found ourselves facing mounting development pressures encroaching upon our serene surroundings.

Many of you have shared in my advocacy efforts during township meetings, where for three years I've consistently been at meetings and ardently championed the preservation of our forests and land. Nature is not just an external entity to me; it's my spirituality, the medium through which I connect with myself and the world around me.

Having spent years standing up for the voiceless trees, I'm reminded of the profound interconnectedness we share with the earth, its creatures, and its flora. As we navigate the choices that shape our environment, it's imperative that we honor this bond.

That's why I'm stepping up to run for Trustee in our township, aligning with the core values of safeguarding our natural resources, as enshrined in the Lodi Twp Master Plan. Central to this plan are goals to preserve our area's character by safeguarding existing natural features.

With a background in engineering, I bring to the table organizational prowess, effective communication skills, and a commitment to marrying scientific process with ecological consciousness. And with a long lineage of rural farmers in my ancestry, I believe I can offer a connection and listening ear so that our agricultural roots are also honored into our future.

Let's embark on this journey together. I'm running for Trustee not just out of a sense of duty but because I genuinely care about our community—both human and non-human alike. Let's infuse our shared values, as articulated in our master plan and rooted in our agricultural heritage, into our present and future endeavors.

Thank you for your support.

~ Leslie

Yard signs are sprouting! Wanna be part of the garden? Come pick one up at open hours on Saturdays (see below) or Contact me by email, FB or IG and ask for a delivery :-)

We are excited to announce our new Campaign Headquarters at Copper Leaf Crossing. Starting on June 29th, you can join us every Saturday from 12 to 5pm to learn more about the upcoming election, share your thoughts, and get to know The 6! You can find us over by the picnic tables behind the education building at 4940 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. See you there!"

Photo of six humans smiling in nature on a sunny day in Lodi Township with native trees and plants in the background.

Back L to R: Alex Matelski, Eric Roberts, Finn Roberts

Front L to R: Barry Wauldron, Leslie Blackburn, Steve Marsh


I am so grateful to be running with the support of this amazing group. The six of us have all committed to protecting and restoring our environment, strengthening communication with residents, and helping our neighbors thrive here in Lodi Township. When you vote on August 6th, make sure you vote for the 6.

We are excited to invite you to our campaign kickoff, the Lodi Launch Party, with me alongside Eric Roberts, Candidate for Lodi Township Clerk, and Finn Roberts for Trustee!
We three trailblazers will bring a much needed increase in transparency and community oversight to the Township Board and champion environmental justice and equality.


THURS, April 4, 2024


@ Copper Leaf Crossing

4940 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

VOTE: Leslie for Lodi

Aug 6th, 2024 and Nov 5th, 2024

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