Protect the Land

  • Advocate for better land use decisions that balance nature, tree preservation, and community needs while aligning with the rural/agricultural character of the township and master plan.

  • Emphasize the importance of right relationship with the land in agriculture, green spaces, and nature preservation. Promoting interconnected green spaces for ecological health. With an emphasis on protecting areas that are intact ecosystems since before settlement.

  • Support land conservancy and preservation efforts, including advocating for a Conservation Millage.

Share the Process

  • Push for government transparency and ensure public rights are respected within the township's structure.

  • Improve communication and collaboration with Lodi Township residents, including overhauling the website and public notice processes.

  • Prioritize fairness and transparency in governance, including recording and posting meeting materials online and implementing clear data retention processes.

  • Call for a change in consulting practices, demanding thoroughness and third-party verification in decision-making.

  • Utilize professional skills in engineering, organization, and communication to effectively navigate township governance.

  • Blend past experiences in engineering and empowerment work to create a unique perspective for township leadership.

Empower the People

  • Facilitate accessibility and inclusivity in township meetings, creating a safe space for all voices to be heard.

  • Emphasize a commitment to empowerment, community care, and listening to all voices.

  • Empower the community via transparency through accessible public comment letters and submissions on various issues affecting the township.

  • Seek collaboration with community organizations like Livable Lodi to strengthen the campaign's presence and support.

VOTE: Leslie for Lodi

Aug 6th, 2024 and Nov 5th, 2024

Headshot photos of Leslie in purple lapels by Xaina Fairy. Copyright © 2024 All Rights Reserved. Paid for by: "Leslie Blackburn for Lodi" P.O. Box 82 Saline, MI 48176.