Community Advocate

Leslie Blackburn (they/them) is a passionate advocate for community empowerment, bringing a unique fusion of technical expertise and nature-inspired wisdom to their campaign for public office. With a robust background including fifteen years in corporate engineering and management, Leslie has honed their problem-solving skills and strategic planning abilities, offering efficient solutions to intricate challenges.

Their journey took a transformative turn over two decades ago, marked by a spiritual awakening coinciding with the birth of their daughter. This awakening led Leslie to transition from corporate life and endurance athletics to self-employment as a teacher, artist, healer, and guide, focusing on personal empowerment and spiritual growth. Over the course of fifteen years, Leslie's work evolved to include a deep awareness of systemic oppression and a commitment to dismantling racism through community care.

In their current phase of life, Leslie recognizes a calling to serve both the land and the broader human community, leading them into the realm of politics. Drawing from over fifty years of diverse life experiences, including engineering, art, nature-based spirituality, and ancestral healing, Leslie advocates for what they call the Four Foundations: repairing relationships with our bodies, community, ancestors, and nature.

Their vision emphasizes care and connection, aiming to create governance that is fair, transparent, inclusive, and prioritizes the needs of all residents. Leslie comes from a long line of rural farmers in northern Ohio, and their relationship with their bio-lineage ancestors as well as ancestors of place fuels Leslie's commitment to stewardship of the land and community preservation, reflecting their passion for environmental sustainability and honoring tradition alongside progress.

As a founding member of Livable Lodi, Leslie is actively engaged in grassroots activism, advocating for sustainable land use practices and community-driven decision-making. Their approach is characterized by a blend of joy, wisdom, and a commitment to care—care for our bodies, for each other, and for the planet we call home.

With a life's work dedicated to collective liberation and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all life, Leslie Blackburn is poised to lead with compassion, integrity, and a vision for a future built on equity and environmental stewardship.

More About Leslie

Garden & Land Tending

Leslie geeks out about time in the garden and with the land, growing and harvesting food from seed, and rebuilding healthy soil. They also maintain the wooded trails through their property, and have been reintroducing native species of plants and trees to support the local ecosystem to remember it's roots.


Rural Ohio Farm History

Leslie comes from a long line of farmers in northern Ohio.


Grandma on the Farm

Leslie's dad's mom as a young girl on one of the family farms in northern Ohio in the early 1900's.


Family & Friends

Leslie is honored to have an amazing support network of family, chosen family, beloveds and friends.



In addition to falling in love with the trees and plants, Leslie regularly geeks out with the birds and other animals and considers themselves a fellow creature!

VOTE: Leslie for Lodi

Aug 6th, 2024 and Nov 5th, 2024

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